To celebrate the Tour de France reaching our shores we have created a special Lots of Bikes Personalised Mug design and Keep Calm Mugs Available in eight colours and can be customised with a name or word up to 20 characters long, including spaces. As we like to say at Celtmyth – Alle Le Bicycle.
Here are the new Tea Bag designs from the . As you can see the there are a choice of 8 colours and the design is available on either Bone china or a ceramic mug.Happy tea break!
​Here is our standard design colour range for all our personalised mugs and also some of our designer mug ranges, including keep calm and myg mugs.
Our new range of Myg Mugs are now available on which have a welsh word on one side of the mug and the English translation on the other. A great way to enjoy a cuppa in two languages.
Designs available include: Cariad – Darling, Caru – Love, Coffi – Coffee, Croeso – Welcome, Cwtch – Cuddle, Cymru – Wales, Dioch – Thanks, Nos Da – Goodnight, Paned – Cuppa, Pob Lwc  – Good Luck & Shw Mae – Hello.
Our new Mr & Mrs personalised mug design is for all those happily married or about to be happily married couples out there.
They are available in a range of 8 different colour schemes and can be personalised with the couples surname.
Available in either earthenware ceramic or bone china from the

Do you store some of your important and expensive equipment such as garden tools or bicycles in your garden sheds or garden workshops? If so, you need to take extra measures in order to keep those items safe.
Your garden shed is like a second home that sits in your garden. No doubt you ensure your house is secure. In the same way, the security of your garden shed is of equal importance. Even more so if you have a quality garden workshop where you store a fair amount of expensive items.sheds direct
There are a few steps and precautionary measures you can take which will keep your garden shed secure and safe from intruders.
Choose the location of your Garden Workshop wisely
You can start by placing your garden shed in the safest location. You might want to choose a space where you can properly see your garden shed.
Only you are aware of the security situation in your area, so the responsibility is on you to find the ideal spot for your garden shed and make your decision wisely.
Secure your garden sheds’ door by using hasps and padlocks
Although Sheds Direct garden sheds are far stronger and sturdier than those you will find elsewhere – we still recommend using the strong padlocks and the like. Basic locks might not provide the security that you need. Securing your garden sheds’ door with different hasps and padlocks will give a theif a tough time and they will move onto easier prey.
Use an alarm system
Putting an alarm inside your garden shed can help you protect your stuff even if a burglar is able to gain entry to your shed.
These alarms can be easily bought at your nearest DIY shops or online. They come with additional remote controls that can help you in turning them on/off. The larger your investment in a quality garden workshop – the more important security is.
Add something extra to the screws and hinges
Sheds Direct makes sturdy and durable garden sheds, garden workshops and dutch barns so that you do not have to do something extra. But there is still one thing you can do, you can add extra screws and drop some superglue on the screws and hinges of your garden sheds. In this way no one will try to unscrew them.
Fix the items inside your garden shed
To top it off, you can either secure your tools and bicycle with a chain or you might even want to install an under floor lock system.
So, even if there is no intruder-proof formula that can completely prevent any burglar from entering your garden shed, you can still follow these useful steps to make him go elsewhere.
We, at Sheds Direct, also make bespoke sheds for our clients and we can accommodate your needs and special requirements. Give us a call at 01405 765400 and we will discuss your requirements.
So wherever you are in UK, just email us at
We keep our Facebook page up to date with recent projects, competitions and more – so head over to take a look at some of our quality garden workshops.

Business Contract Hire (BCH) is the method that businesses can finance their vehicles with a small down payment and an agreed mileage for the term of a contract. The minimum payment on business contract hire is usually 3 payments in advance sometimes this can be as low as £99 or as high as 12 payments upfront depending on the deal taken out.Deals are normally calculated over a 2,3 or 4 year periods these deals would be advertised as 3+23 or 3+35 contracts, this works with 3 payments in advance then 23 payments or 35 payments over the rest of the lease deals
Mileage allowance is agreed at the start of the contract, the minimum is normally 5,000 miles per annum and maximum is normally 40,000 per annum. Mileage over and above the agreed amount is charged at an excess mileage rate. This rate will be billed at the end of the contract. (typically between 4 and 10 pence per mile) personal car leasing
Business Contract Hire is subject to Vat of which 50% can often be reclaimed. When the contract ends the car is returned to the finance company. The vehicle is then inspected, please note any damage must be repaired prior to return, or this will be charged in addition to the contract.
We recommend businesses consult their accountant to explain in full the benefits of Business Contract Hire (BCH).
Personal Car LeasingPersonal Contract Hire (PCH) is very similar to business contract hire with the exception of being able to reclaim the VAT.
Personal contract hire prices are normally displayed including VAT, the deals on personal car leasing work along the same format as business contract hire with a 3 payments upfront as a typical deposit, then monthly paymenys over the remaining term.
Mileage is again agreed prior to the contract start and will be normally be between 5,000  and 40,000 miles per annum. An excess mileage will be charged for any mileage over and above the agreed limit, this will be billed at the end of the contract.
Personal Contract Hire is not PCP which is a different type of agreement although very similar. With a PCP you have an option to purchase the car at the end of the contract.
Personal Contract Hire denotes that you must return the car back to the finance company at the end of the agreed contract. Any damage must be repaired or will be charged in addition to the contract.

Personalized Mugs: Manchester Style

Mug. It's a verb, intending to assault. Also its a thing three times over, as an option to 'face', "trick" and 'glass'. It's the recent that we're most intrigued by here, particularly customized mugs. They're an extraordinary customized blessing, in view of the truth they're both fun and reasonable. So here, we examine all things Manchester, with both Coronation Street mugs and Manchester United mugs under the microscope. Customized Corrie mugs come in two separate plans. Both are dishwasher and microwave sheltered and printed in full color on an excellent, white, 10oz ceramic mug, with the first focussing on Weatherfield's red blocks. This red-block example offers the Coronation Street sign on one side and the consumer's decision of drink on the other. Here, you can detail different tea, espresso and hot chocolate, the level of "milkyness" and the measure of sugar or sweetener. The second of the customized Coronation Street mugs takes after precisely the same standard. The main distinction being that rather than the red blocks, you've got a photograph of the Rovers Return. Both mugs are totally official and completely embraced by ITV, making them cooler than a trim and-dry at Audrey's hair salon. Also shouldn't we think about the Manchester United mugs? Much the same as Corrie, you've got a few styles to browse. The primary peculiarities a photograph of United shirts hanging up in the changing area. Close by Giggs, Ferdinand, Rooney and Berbatov, is a shirt with your picked name on it. Underneath the picture are the words, 'Manchester United 2010/11 Premier League Winners'.keep Calm Mugs The second outline really has 12 separate prints to pick from. Essentially, they are all last page reprints of well known Manchester United reports from the Daily Mirror. The determination accessible spreads a scope of times, including that of Sir Matt Bubsy, the club's 1983 FA Cup win over Brighton and a lot of later minutes under Sir Alex Ferguson. As you'd expect, there is likewise a huge choice of other customized mugs to browse. From one viewpoint you'll discover things like "cranky" and "feeling" mugs, while on the other there's formally authorized Loose Women, Dancing On Ice, I'm a Celebrity and Beano mugs. The name-in-picture mugs, then, astutely incorporate the name into any of 30 photographs. A percentage of the more prevalent choices incorporate the Loveheart mug, different footy plans and various Sci-Fi variants. Also, obviously, DJ Dog likewise goes down a storm!

Generally enriching arrangement shed stories from Sheds Direct

Numerous individuals over the world have enclosure sheds, arrangement workshops and dutch outbuildings. Here at Sheds Direct we have incorporated a few stories. With all the time that is used inside them there are bound ot be numerous clever, terrifying and energizing happenings. Continue tuning into to Sheds Direct web journals for future stories. garden sheds Beneficiary secures robber enclosure shed! A 67 year old lady stirred to the sound of somebody softening into her home up the center of the night. As opposed to awakening spouse she chose to go down and examine all alone. On arriving first floor she sore that the center entryway had been crushed and the thief had gone into her arrangement shed. Not at all like most OAP's who would run upstairs and call the police, Judith crawled through the enclosure and secured the burglar her arrangement shed. At the point when the police came the looter was discovered consuming dessert he had found in the cooler of the arrangement shed. He was sentenced to 16 months in prison and Judith was honored £250 for helping get the hoodlum. The world measure in a garden workshop A football partner has assembled his own particular world glass themed arrangement workshop to guarantee he didn't miss a moment of the world container. At the point when Colin was told by his wife that he would just be permitted to watch a modest bunch of the many recreations being played, he went about building his own particular parlor in an arrangement shed. The timber arrangement workshop shed is 12 by 16 feet and contains two loungers, a 32 inch TV, a brew ice chest and its own particular bar! It just cost Colin £1000 to unit out his lucky enclosure workshop - and he guarantees everybody (counting his wife) that it is all worth the trouble. Obviously his wife may have favored a prettier arrangement dutch horse shelter shed because of its flawlessly bended red top – however that is for an alternate day. In any event Collin has a breakout zone which will keep him rational, and in his life at any rate, is a lifeline. sheds direct Men's Shed After the appalling 2011 seismic tremor which shook New Zealand to the ground – softening homes and groups up the methodology - David Searle set up his own particular Men's Shed Movement. He began it so as to modify a group. He got men together to standardize and offer information and abilities. David has picked up incredible pride from aiding along these lines and trusts that the feeling of group that has been manufactured will proceed for a long time to come. Christine Calder, Seniors Together's task chief, said: "The Men Shed development is about keeping more seasoned men associated with the group. In the event that you have any stories of you and your shed or of somebody you know let us know, we'd want to hear them. Sheds Direct worked under control making bespoke, wonderful and solid enclosure sheds, arrangement workshops and dutch animal dwellingplaces. You won't discover square with quality at a value less expensive somewhere